Wake Up - official video

Check it out: the first single from the album "Next Of Kin"

Enjoy here, play it loud!

Whoop There It Is!!!

Our new album is finished!
And we're damn proud of it. Like we promised, we're throwing a party for it.

Here's the best part: YOU'RE INVINTED! Check out the details below and see you there.

Al, Denny and Roni

Working on the new album

Hi everyone,

Bit by bit and piece by piece, the new album is coming together. The best part in the proces is of course: RECORDING GUITARS!!!!
And man, do they sound great! Don't worry, you'll know when the album is ready. Because then there's gonna be a PARTY!!!

Al, Danny, Roni

Partner in bookings

We are happy to announce a collaboration with Trigger Bookings!!!!

As of now Toaster can also be booked through Trigger Bookings so no stage will be safe in the future :-)

Hope to see you around at one of the Toaster rockshows!!!

Al, Danny, Roni



Toaster rocks Eemspop


September 15th we'll be rocking the mainstage on Eemspop, a big festival in Uithuizen, NL. Hope to see you there people! A lot of huge names will be on the bill as well!

See you there!

Al, Danny, Roni

Battle of the Bands - Zwolle

Zwolle has been rocked!
We have won the battle of the bands and now looking forward to the next round. We'll keep you posted!
Thanks to all the Toaster rock-fans.

Al, Danny, Roni

picture by Carina van der Linde

We would like to thank everyone present at the Toaster-rockshow on Groningsch Peil
There are some cool pictures made as you can see on the pics-page

Here's a nice sample:
      picture by Gerhard Taatgen Jr.

Toaster rocks Groningsch Peil

Come and have a rocking good time with Toaster on Groningsch Peil festival.
This festival is from October 26th till 29th.
October 29th we will rock cafe De Pintelier in Groningen.

See the agenda for more information!


On monday June 13th Toaster will be playing on the fantastic festival in Groningen called Gideonfestival. We will play right before Danny Lademacher so we are honored to rock out before this guy melts all faces!!!!!

Hope to see you there everyone!

Al, Danny, Roni

The making of Fried Air

Thank you, everybody present at the rockshow in Platformtheater.
Thanks to you guys the cd release party was a BLAST!!!

Also the people helping us out deserve a special thanks:
- Han Kortekaas for running AWESOME sound
- Rudy van der Meer for putting together the movie "Making of Fried Air"

This movie is on YouTube but also available on our website of course, click here.

Official CD-Release Party!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Everyone that feels the need to rock is invited on March 24 at the Platformtheater in Groningen.
We will present our cd "Fried Air" on this special night. The festivities start at 9pm (21:00h).
Bring a friend if they like to rock. It's free so see you there!

Al, Danny, Roni

Radiostation picking up the Fried Air-cd

Yo Rock-a-holics!

Great news. Local Radiostation OOG is picking up our new album Fried Air!
The station will play the song "Call Me" as a "marathon-schijf" (marathon-disk) so for a week, every hour the song will be played.
You can listen to OOG Radio on FM 106,6 in Groningen and surroundings.

Also keep an eye out for the official cd-presentation in March. All the important people will be there but we'll keep you posted...

Rock On!

Al, Danny and Roni

Extra concert

Wednesday January 12 Toaster will be performing together with VanderLinde and Ilanois in Cafe Koster.
Both great bands with new releases to celebrate.
Hopefully our album will be ready as well so there's all kinds of good music to purchase!!!

So please write down in your planner:

January 12: Cafe Koster;  21:00h
January 13: Cafe De Balk; 22:00h

Rocketride festival

Dear Rock-a-teers,

In januari Groningen is all about the Eurosonic/Noorderslag Festival. And because this festival is sold out the first minute that the tickets are available, Rocketride has organized a FREE festival in the city.
And of course Toaster could not miss out on this one.

So thursday January 13th we'll be playing in Cafe De Balk. Free entrance so come over and

Update about the record


We have news about the record:
The great Werner Pensaert from Belgium has been locked up in the new Motor Music studio to mix our record and the man has done a wonderful job!
Exceptional pounding bass and drums, roaring and in-yer-face guitars and rocking vocals is what you will find on this record.
We'll keep you informed on when and where to get the album.

Hold on, rock is coming your way

Latest News

Guys 'n' dolls,

For the last couple of months we have been filling our agenda up with recording and finishing a true studio-album. Proof can be found under "pics".
And with great succes if we may say so. Recording is done and now we're looking for an interesting person to mix it.

Of course we'll keep you informed on the progress. So keep an eye out for this record!
Meanwhile we'll be playing some more this fall so come to see us and rock out with Toaster!!!

Al, Danny and Roni


Dear rock-a-teers,

Last weeks show on the festival was interesting and GREAT!!!
We met a lot of nice people and made some new fans!

Also on stage was a band called Audio Adam. Very nice guys and a great band.
Who knows, we just might be seen together more often on the bill...

Anyway, hope to see you in 2010 somewhere near you.


Al, Danny and Roni

Toaster on Rocketride Festival

Hello rock-fans!

Toaster will be playing on the festival that's related to Eurosonic and Noorderslag called "A Rocketride to Grunn-city."
On thursday januari 14th we'll be playing in the Gideon Festivalbar at 11pm.

Come check it out and rock out with Toaster and other great rockbands.

See ya there!!!

Al, Danny and Roni

Recording first album

Two weeks ago we started recording our first album. We are very excited about this because so far it sounds good. And we mean GOOD!
We're still working on the last overdubs and vocals so a little patience is required but don't worry; we'll make sure you know when it's ready. If you want to have a look inside the recordingproces, check the video on this website.

It will be a great pleasure to present this rockin' record in the near future so keep an eye open for the latest news.

Greetz from Al, Danny and Roni

New Toaster concert!

Hey everyone! A new Toaster concert is coming up. We will be playing in cafe De Drie Uiltjes on November 1st. Hope to see you there for another afternoon of rock!
Showtime will be 21:00h. Free entrance.
See ya there,

Al, Danny, Roni

Toaster online!!!

Welcome ladies en gentlemen, WE ARE ONLINE!
Feel free to take a tour.
There's not a lot to see yet but keep coming back as the pile of pics, audio and concertdates will continue to grow!!!

A rocksalute from Al, Danny and Roni